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Step inside Tutu's and get transported to the countryside through lots of wood, natural light and walls lined with antiques and chatchskis.

the infatuation

When you’re partying in Bushwick, kick things off with oysters at Tutu’s.


This popular eatery in trendy Bushwick offers fun creations like Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast or sturdy classics like Biscuits and Gravy (an American ‘biscuit’ is a bit like a scone.)
But a reliable source also tells me they have the best veggie burger in town (and she’s tried many) and…wait for it…a PINT of mimosa. What’s not to love?


Regulars include North Brooklyn kids in motorcycle jackets, beanies, scarves and dress shirts buttoned to the hilt, with a few preppies swinging by after dinner. Occasionally used as an event space, Tutu’s has hosted a holiday party for Marc Jacobs employees and a gathering of micro-batch ginger beer dweebs.


The menu changes regularly to keep customers coming back for more, but no matter what dishes are on offer they strive to provide super fresh wholesome American cuisine.
The menu is not the only thing that changes on a regular basis; The Varet wall of the restaurant has a rotation of talented artists who display their varying artwork, tying in with the area’s creative community.


I take some hamburger recommendations more seriously than others. You can offer me up your favorite burger joint, but on its own that recommendation probably won’t get my attention. What did get my attention, however, was when two of the security guards from work told me that they had recently tried each other’s favorite burgers in New York City and decided that Tutu’s was the best of them (the other being Ruby’s Cafe), my attention was officially grabbed.


Tutu’s, one of our fave neighborhood spots for brunch, people watching and street art, has a $10 burger and beer combo Monday through Friday from 4-8 pm. You heard that right. 10 buckaroos for a burger (beef, chicken, or veggie) and your choice of draft beer. Commence freakout.

The infatuation

The food is simple and tasty, the prices are reasonable, the atmosphere is unpretentious and fun, and the music is always what you want to dance to. Whether you're here for brunch, late-night partytime, or $1 oysters all weekend, you're pretty much guaranteed to have a good time.

brooklyn mag

Another place that tends to be a staple in the late-night bar hopping rotation, but works as a worthwhile food destination in its own right if you just show up a few hours earlier. Their kale salad gets a lot of deserved attention (and is the right call if you’re going back out and don’t want to weigh yourself down), but in the current cold snap, there’s not much that sounds better than fatty duck meatballs and a cocktail that uses ultra-smoky Laphroig as its base.

brooklyn munch

We went here to meet a friend who lives around here a few weekends ago. It’s a great space to eat outside, I love that East Williamsburg has as much breathing room as it does, so that’s a great aspect.


This cute neighborhood restaurant is known for its insane happy hour ($10 for a burger and a beer, and $1 oysters, Monday through Friday, 4-8pm).