The Varet Mural Wall was born out of a desire to activate the 40’ wide wall on the high-traffic corner of Bogart and Varet Streets, in the heart of Bushwick’s thriving Morgantown. The Varet Wall is curated by Beth Tully, former director of Fountain Art Fair, in collaboration with Tutu’s BrooklynOur mission is to create Bushwick’s own, unique version of the celebrated Houston/Bowery wall. Past artists include Pixel Pancho (Italy), Nychos (Austria) and En Masse (Canada). As of April 2015, the most recent artist to showcase her talents on the Varet Wall is Vexta, a local Bushwick resident originally hailing from Australia.


If you have any inquiries about the Varet Mural Wall, please reach out to Beth at



Selected Press:

Pixel Pancho (2014):

Photo by @pixelpancho Instagram

photo by Street Art News

photo by Brooklyn Vandal